oh!bike: easier, further

The oh!bike bicycle is unique because it combines your muscular energy with the electrical energy of the motor in the most optimum and efficient way possible.

Its design responds to two main objectives: lightness and ease of use. We place technology and innovation at the service of the cyclist, so that they can pedal and enjoy themselves in both town and country, and get further more easily.

The bionic technology integrated into the oh!bike enables it to be adapted to each user, and not the other way round, assisting the pedalling according the level of help they need at each moment. Moreover, when necessary, there is a Boost button on the handlebar that provides up to 140% of help in starts and slopes.


Bionic technology that
adapts to each user.


Its 15 kg make it
the lightest.

Easy and simple

Forget complications, as easy
as a conventional bicycle.



Bicycle rest

Child seat




oh!bike, we are creativity and innovation

About us
At oh!bike we share the calling and the social commitment to apply our experience and know-how in the sphere of urban mobility focused on people. We are a team of engineers of different generations and with experience in diverse industrial sectors who have come together with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing our own and differentiated electric bicycle, thus promoting local industry.

A few years ago, some of us founded the Ecotècnia cooperative society, a pioneer in eolic energy in Catalonia.


Why an electric bicycle? 
More bicycles = less cars, less traffic jams and less pollution. The electric bicycle as an urban means of transport has a fundamental role in the design and transformation of the cities. It is the most economic and sustainable, it has all the advantages of a conventional bicycle and, moreover, it allows you to go further with less effort.


Awards and certificates

Why? Benefits of the electric bicycle

Moving around on an electric bicycle is much more economic
than going by car: less than €1 per 1,000 km.

Pedalling a few minutes per day has an influence on,
benefits and stimulates your health.


has an effect
on your musculature,
blood circulation
and joints.


the heart.


stimulates the
fat metabolism.

Where are we?

We started off and are still in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district, in one of the streets with a bike lane that crosses the whole city.

Design and technology made
in Barcelona.

c/ Diputació 286
08009 Barcelona
+34 931 187 533

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